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Broiler diseases, diagnosis & control (vaccination)

Diseases are the major cause of economic loss in the broiler industry. The main etiological factors are viral bacterial fungal and parasitic organisms. Among all causative agents viral diseases especially ND, IB, and IBD are much more important because most of them do have not any cure. The main methodology for the control of viral diseases are observation of biosecurity and vaccination practices. Vaccination schedules for viral diseases in poultry should be according to the prevalence of diseases in the area. Many vaccination schedules are being practiced in different areas according to the prevalence and threshold of the diseases. bacterial diseases are mostly controlled by biosecurity and sometimes by preventive medication. Preventive medication is prohibited in some regions of the world only therapeutic medication is allowed. Therapeutic medication should only be given after a confirmatory diagnosis or after having antibiotic sensitivity. Fungal diseases like Aspergillosis or Broader pneumonia can be prevented by good hatchery practices and by good litter and early chick management. Among parasitic diseases, coccidiosis is the main economically important disease that can be limited by good management, coccidiostate, and also by vaccination. Among all the early correct diagnosis is the main activity that can reduce the economic losses by all diseases.

Instructor Bio

Dr. Farhan Afzal is eminent Veterinarian & microbiologist worked as Director Poultry Research Institute (PRI), Rawalpindi, He has more than 18 years of experience working with the poultry industry of Pakistan and is actively engaged in poultry disease diagnosis and surveillance. He Served as Reginal surveillance officer in Avian influenza control program. He is also the provincial (Antimicrobial Resistance) AMR focal person (poultry) in project from Fleming fund. He is member of National Disease control committee, He has vast experience in Diagnosis of poultry Diseases, & control strategies, development of diagnostic materials.


Date: 31 May 2024

Time: 3 PM to 5 PM BKK Time (GMT+7)

Type: Live Webinar

Topic: Poultry

Level: Basic


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