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SEC SSA (Nigeria) Aquaculture Management (Basic Certificate)

Course Description (Online Self-Pace Hybrid)

All course lectures, materials, and check-in meetings with your instructor will be done through your profile here on in your module, Aquaculture Management.

Instructor Bio

Mr. Mulero Muibi - Aquaculture & Livestock Expert

Mr. Mulero Muibi is a distinguished figure in the fields of livestock farming and aquaculture, boasting over three decades of hands-on experience. His academic journey began at the University of Ife, School of Agriculture, Akure Campus, and later culminated with an MSc in Fisheries from Lagos State University. Expanding on his educational foundation, Mr. Muibi further honed his expertise through specialized training in renowned institutions across the United States. These courses ranged from Fisheries Management at Lincoln University in Missouri to Tilapia Management at Auburn University in Alabama, among several others.

Embarking on his professional journey in 1990, Mr. Muibi initially served as a Farm Supervisor at Obasanjo Farms Limited after completing his NYSC. His dedication and proficiency soon saw him take on the role of a Farm Officer at Samrose Agro Allied in Dopemu, Lagos. A subsequent transition led him to World Radiance Farms in Abeokuta in 1995, after a tenure at Toklak Farms. In 1996, he made a significant impact by joining CHI Farms, where he was instrumental in introducing the first recirculatory system in Nigeria. Recognizing his leadership abilities and innovative vision, he was promoted to the Business Unit Head of the Aquaculture Department. Further demonstrating his professional versatility, Mr. Muibi then took on the role of the inaugural General Manager at Dansof Farms Limited in Auchi, Edo State.

Outside the realm of farming and aquaculture, Mr. Muibi holds the esteemed rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police (supernumerary). He has also made significant contributions as a consultant, farmer, and trainer in the aquaculture industry. Furthermore, his dedication to the industry’s growth is exemplified in his role as the founding president of the Catfish Farmers Association of Nigeria. With a legacy marked by innovation, leadership, and education, Mr. Muibi remains an invaluable asset to the agricultural sector.


Date: 9 Jun - 5 Jul 2024

Time: 3PM WAT

Type: Hybrid

Topic: Aquaculture

Level: Basic


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