Thomas H. D’Alfonso, PhD, serves as the Director of Animal & Aquaculture at USSEC, providing strategic oversight and marketing expertise. With over 30 years of international business management experience in animal health and nutrition, he holds advanced degrees in agricultural engineering, statistics, and animal nutrition. Prior to USSEC, he consulted for feed mills and animal producers, focusing on health, nutrition, and supply chain operations. Dr. Morgan Cheatham, Animal and Aquaculture Manager at USSEC, earned her Ph.D. in aquaculture from Mississippi State University. She boasts extensive experience in aquaculture, including roles as a tilapia production manager in Kenya and involvement in sturgeon production in North Carolina and feed management in Ghana. Together, they will discuss the significance of U.S. soy in animal nutrition, emphasizing its composition and positive impact on animal performance and business outcomes. They’ll explore modern methods for measuring soy quality and highlight the benefits of sustainable U.S. soy for nutritionists and animal producers, urging investment in quality protein sources.