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SEC India Poultry Production and Management (Basic Certificate)

All course lectures, materials, and check-in meetings with your instructor will be done through your profile here on in your module, Basic Poultry Track.

Instructor Bio


Dr. WILMER JAVIER PACHECO – Extension Specialist and Associate Professor, Department of Poultry Science, Auburn University, Auburn, AL 36849. Dr. Wilmer Pacheco was born in Honduras where he obtained a BS in Food Science in 2005. Shortly after graduation, Dr. Pacheco began a feed mill manager training program with Murphy Brown, LLC in Laurinburg, North Carolina where he was responsible for overseeing the production of approximately 10,000 tons of pellet feed per week. In June 2009, Dr. Pacheco was awarded a fellowship in the Department of Poultry at North Carolina State University, where he earned his Master's in Poultry Science and his Ph.D. in Physiology and Nutrition. Currently, Dr. Pacheco is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist at Auburn University in the State of Alabama. His research activities are focused on understanding the interrelationships between feed processing and nutrition on broiler performance. Additionally, Dr. Pacheco conducts research on nutrition strategies to reduce production costs, improve broiler performance, and nutrient digestibility. Dr. Pacheco is lead or supporting author of 32 research articles and 88 news articles primarily in Feedstuffs magazine, which is the leading source of news for animal agriculture in the United States with 12,500 accredited subscribers. Dr. Pacheco has been invited to give more than 165 presentations in 16 countries, has served as chair or member of 25 graduate student committees, and has mentored 21 visiting scholars from 12 countries.


Dr. ALLAPPA SHIVAPPA DARUR (Dr. Darur) - has 34 years’ experience in areas of broiler breeding, hatchery management and commercial layers. He worked on long term and short-term inputs for operations and design and also has executed efficiencies for breeding and building hatchery infrastructure. He worked for Godrej Tyson Foods Limited as a ‘Breeding and hatchery operation Head’ at pan India level. He created  long term and short-term planning and budgets for assessing operational performances. He lead business operations, inputting strategic vision and long-range planning. He is well versed with statistical analyses of data used for operational purposes and helped forecast team needs. At Godrej Agrovet he also served as a senior officer in-charge of a broiler breeder unit and took care of South India breeder and hatchery operations.

Before joining Godrej Agrovet he served as a technical expert  for commercial layers in Hospet, Koppal and Bellary area (Karnataka) for Sri Krishnadevaraya Hatcheries. Key responsibilities involved health and performance aspects of both broiler and layer breeders. With his interventions he helped reduce process bottlenecks by training and coaching employees on practices, procedures and performance strategies.

At Bangalore Fort Farms he was responsible for performance and resource management of 125,000 commercial layers  and helped formulated least cost feed thus reducing table egg cost.  He was also responsible for health and performance of 70,000 commercial layers at the Fort Farms. His other assignments were managing Poona Pearls Samrat 2000 breeder and hatchery operations; providing tech sales services to help chick sales at South West Pearls Hatcheries.

He has attended two weeks of Cobb School training at Springdale in 2010 and was honoured with IVPI’s Best Veterinarian award for the service to poultry industry.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Sciences & A.H from Veterinary College, Bangalore in 1988 and also holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Human Resources from Indira Gandhi National Open University in 2000.


Date: 11 Mar - 5 Apr 2024

Time: 4PM IST

Type: Hybrid

Topic: Poultry

Level: Basic


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